One of the reasons for the League’s political effectiveness is its reputation for thorough study before taking a policy position.

The LWVK Guide to Positions is designed to help League leaders use LWVK public policy positions effectively at the state and local levels. In addition to the official statements of position for each program area, this guide briefly traces significant past actions and achievements, and indicates links among positions.

This listing summarizes the official full statements of position. In applying LWVK positions to local and regional issues, it is the responsibility of the appropriate League board – depending on the level of action – to determine whether member understanding and agreement exists and whether the action makes sense in terms of timing, need and effectiveness.

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LWVK Guide to Positions: complete version (Microsoft Word format)


Two-year Education Study Complete

Read the K-12 School Funding position adopted at the 2017 state convention.



The Value Them Both proposition will be on the ballot in the August 2, 2022 primaries.
You do not need to be affiliated with a political party to vote on it like you do when voting for a person.
A YES vote means that you want the Kansas Constitution changed to not allow the women of Kansas the right to an abortion.
And that the Kansas legislature will decide what rights women will have for reproductive health.
A NO vote means that you want the KS Constitution to remain as it is; that the women of Kansas have a right to an abortion. This right was decided and reviewed in 2019 by the KS Supreme Court.